Pricing & Registration

Hollywood Launch Triple Threat Program w/12-Month Contract- $300 per month

Includes 3 classes: Acting, Vocal, and Hip Hop

Hollywood Launch Triple Threat Program w/6 Month Contract $320* per month

 Includes 3 classes Acting, Vocal, and Hip Hop

We also offer each class ala carte. You may choose any combination of classes. Pick any two or just one! 

Acting: Sketch Comedy 6 month contract $135.00 per month*

Acting: Sketch Comedy Month to Month $150.00 per month**

Artist Empowerment for Vocalists 6-Month Contract $135.00 per month*

Artist Empowerment for Vocalists Month to Month ​ $150.00 per month **

Hip Hip Only Month to Month $65 per month


*Mandatory Showcase Fees:

Triple Threat Program

  All students enrolled in our Triple Threat Programs are required to participate in an Industry showcase. There is a mandatory showcase fee of $300 (includes 6 tickets) per semester January & June


6 Month Contract for Acting and Vocals

All students in our 6 month Acting and Vocal programs are required to participate in an industry showcase. The mandatory fee is $150  for Acting and $150 for Vocals (includes 3 tickets) per semester January & June 

** Students taking Month to month classes are not eligible to participate in the Vocal and Acting Showcases. 30 Day Cancellation Notice for Month to Month classes.

Students enrolled in our Triple Threat or Vocal or Acting programs receive significant discounts to attend our Hollywood Launch Experience Summer Intensive.



The above are cash prices if paid with a connected bank account with routing number. If using a card please add 3% fee- monthly tuition prices will be $309 (12 month triple threat), $329.60 (6 month triple threat), $139.05 (6 month acting or vocals),$154.50 (month to month acting or vocals), $67 (hip hop month to month ). There is a one time $35 registration fee for all new students. All our classes are auto-pay. Payments are run on or around the 4th of each month. An additional $50 per month is run on the the 15th of each month towards the mandatory showcase fees.  You may make up missed classes by attending one of our many dance classes at The Rage or the acting or voice classes on Wednesdays. Make-ups must be used by the end of the semester. 

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