Hollywood Launch Academy Santa Clarita - Opens Feb 2013!


One of the biggest misconceptions about getting your child into the entertainment business is that they will be discovered by someone in the mall or local playground.  Unfortunately these interactions are often misleading.  Show business is a business and extremely competitive. What makes your child stand out above the rest is not only their talent but how their talent is developed.  It is important to research and find quality development facilities that not only train your child but also give them opportunities to showcase and network with people who can help advance their careers. These facilities should have proven track records of success stories and are one of the best ways to help your child gain the competitive edge that it will take to launch their career!

Veda Burton, CEO of Hollywood Launch Academy, has been involved in the training and development of many of today’s top stars including Ross Lynch and Aaron Landon (Disney), Taylor Lautner (Twilight), Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars), Cymphonique Miller (Nickelodeon) and many more.  She notes, “The common thread in this impressive list of talent is their extreme dedication and work ethic, and a true passion for their art.”  From her experiences, “It takes these elements along with a strong team to train and represent them, which creates the success each has achieved.”

The steps to success are clear.

  1. Is there a true passion from your child?  Can you objectively see them pursuing this career and having the dedication and determination it will take to succeed?  If your answer is yes, the first step is to secure training and guidance from a strong team of professionals.  Your team will be the most valuable tool for you and your child so do your research!
  2. Once your child is well trained, the next step is to secure representation.  You will add a manager and agent to the team surrounding your child!  Always remember – managers and agents ONLY get paid if your child has been paid for work – you do not pay them anything otherwise!
  3. Be prepared for the ups and downs of this exciting business!  Your attitude will frame how your child experiences this journey!
  4. Keep training!

For more information on how to Launch your child’s career, Hollywood Launch Academy, now located in Santa Clarita, is available for your questions! www.hollywoodlaunch.net or 661-253-9004.