Beads The Movie STARRING Kennedy Hall

Inspired by true events, Beads is a 12-minute dramatic short film created at the world renowned USC School of Cinematic Arts as a part of its most competitive class. The class, "546," is an advanced production course where three films are selected after a highly competitive pitch and selection process. The course has helped launch the careers of directors such as Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale StationCreedBlack Panther) and Steven Caple, Jr. (The Land). With your backing, you can help support our film throughout the film festival circuit! 

THE FILM follows Dalia, a young African-American girl who moves to a new town with her family. Her favorite show is an animated show called, “Wonder Lady,” which features a black, braided and beautiful superhero. Her beads and braids are point of pride, but they pose a problem for her new teacher, Ms. Lewis, who makes a rash decision to deal with the beads in a violent way. The film deals with the aftermath of this decision and explores how adults teach children how to view the world through a racist lens. 

The story of Beads comes at a time of national spotlight on racial dynamics, and narrows in on how the innocence of children can be corrupted by the views of adults. 

THE CAST The film's main character is played by KENNEDY HALL (Madam Secretary, Undercover Princess). The supporting cast includes ERIKA MACKE (Hegira), ERIKA HOLMES (Key and PeeleLove and Therapy), SHON FULLER (Life Coach Chronicles), SENECA PALIOTTA and features JAEDEN BETTENCOURT (Hotel Transylvania 2, Jimmy Kimmel Live!). The talent was brought together by casting director KARA SULLIVAN (Farah Goes BangAbueloExact Bus Fare). 

THE CREW is composed of talented filmmakers who have or are receiving MFAs from USC and UCLA. RACHEL BYRD, director; CYDNEY FISHER & LYDIA LANE, writers; JULIA KENNEDY & ADAM MAKARY, producers; MATTHEW CHUPACK, assistant director; JASON BOLDT & NANCY LIN, cinematographers; KEVIN REEVES & LILY NI, production design; JUSTINE SUH & ROMMEL VILLA, editors; KHALED RIDGEWAY, DIT/Post-Supervisor/Assistant Editor; AUSTIN CONWAY & CAROL GAO, sound design and editing; DE'LON WARREN, animation; ADAM ALONSO, costume design. ANNIE ROSEVEAR, music.

Beads features a diverse and inclusive crew. Our team speaks English, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean and Arabic. We hail from Bolivia, Egypt, China, Houston, Maryland, New York, Missouri, Los Angeles, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Salt Lake City, Indiana, and Chicago. Our team is 50% female.